I would like to start this post by thanking all of you for your support of this page and our farm. 166 likes in just a week is more than we could have ever wished for. We are blessed in so many ways, and we hope that we can be a blessing for all of you through our posts and our products.
Last week my wife introduced all of you to our family and our farm. This week I hope to better acquaint you me and some of our practices here at the farm. Every week we hope to share with you something about our farm, or products we have to offer. We hope you find these posts informational and entertaining.
I am chicken Moe. I got this nick name, because I own a lot of chickens, and if you have spent any time with me you know it is not if I am going to talk about chickens but when. LOL Poultry holds a special place in my heart and always has. Some of my fondest memories as a child is collecting eggs with my grandmother in her chicken coop. I loved to just sit and watch her chickens. When I was older I couldn’t have poultry where we lived so I raised pheasants, pigeons, and quail in high school. From there I was introduced to show poultry through Thurman Main. He shopped at a store I worked, and gave me my first show quality birds. They were White Faced Black Spanish Bantams. It was all over from there. I have raised show poultry for over 20 years now. Currently I raise Langshan bantams and standard Langshans.
Poultry is a big part of ChickenMoe’s Family Farm. The funny thing is my wife does most of the work with the birds. We now have more production birds than exhibition birds, and that is her baby. She feeds her birds the best. We are strong supporters of Kruse Feeds and the Bar Ale Feed company. We feed our laying hens a non-gmo layer feed made by Bar Ale and mix that with organic wheat and organic barley raised on local farms here in Marana. She also feeds them herbs and garlic as a natural wormer and for strong immune systems. She feeds them good non-gmo alfalfa on regular basis as well. In their water she adds apple cider vinegar every day. Our ducks and turkeys still get all the extras, but they are given Kruse turkey and game bird as their base feed unless we have a contract to raise some birds non-gmo or organically for someone.
We raise a diverse flock of chickens. One reason for this is to offer a variety of eggs to our customers. Another reason is for biodiversity reasons. If an illness comes through that one breed is more susceptible to we don’t want to lose our entire flock because we only raised one breed. Besides it is more fun to look at all the different colors, shapes, and sizes of birds and eggs that we have. We do this first and foremost for our own enjoyment, and for our table. Everything we sell to our customers was raised with the same love and care as the products we raise for our own family.
We like to work with and support other local producers in our area. One such producer is Ana’s B & E Farm . They are a local Christian family farm here in Marana. One of the things they are working on is the conservation of the Large Black Pig. The large Black pig is listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy group. They are a great foraging breed from England that lost relevance in modern production agriculture. They are breeding and harvesting this heritage breed trying to help save them. They are a very long breed with good quality meat. They are currently offering sausage that was inspected, made, and packaged at the University of Arizona Meat Lab. They sell their sausage for $3.50 a pound. I can personally tell you that it is very tasty sausage. Please help support this family farm, and help to save the Large Black Pigs. On a side note this family donates a lot of the money they make on their farm to missions through their church, so you can be sure that your money is going to a good cause.
Thank you again for looking in on our farm and your continued support. Please like and share our page with your friends. If you have any questions for us, or you would like us to write about a specific topic. Please do not hesitate to contact us. I Hope to see you at 5 Points Farmers Market where you can see even more great local vendors like Pivot Produce, Forbes Meat Company, and Spadefoot Nursery.


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